Changing a Dashboard Admin email address

Dashboard email addresses are uniquely tied to your login and cannot be changed. However, you can change your in using these steps

  • Log into your Dashboard and find the settings option
  • Add a new Dashboard Admin or Super Admin with the email address you'd like to use
  • Log out and back into the Dashboard with the new user you created
  • Go back to the user settings and delete the previous user account. See the warning below if you're using SSO.

⚠️ If you're using SSO to sync with an identity provider, keep in mind that the email address on the Smallstep account has to match that of the users in the IdPs user/groups. Deleting the IdP-synced user will result in a 401 unauthorized error the next time you log in using SSO. If this happens, reach out to your fellow Smallstep Admins and have them create a new SSO user in the Dashboard. If all else fails, contact support.