Recovering the SSH Host Enrollment Token

The first time you register a host in the Dashboard, you'll generate an enrollment token. This token will never be shown again. If you lost or misplaced your token, you can request a new one from Smallstep.

If you've misplaced your enrollment token, please contact support for a new one. At this time, for security reasons, you cannot be provided with your previous token.

  • What about existing hosts that were registered with the previous token?
    • The enrollment token is only used when registering a host, so existing hosts are not affected by a new token. However, if you re-enroll an existing host, you'll need to use the replacement token.
  • What if I have my enrollment token but I unregistered all of my hosts? Do I have to generate a new token?
    • No, as long as you didn't choose to generate a new token, even with no hosts registered, the existing token is still valid.