Installing Step as a Linux binary

Step CLI also includes pre-compiled binaries for Linux and Windows that you can add to the target's executable directory

Visit the Linux binary support section of our installation page to verify the build for your target architecture. From the latest releases page, download the version you need based on the naming convention of `step_linux_[latest_release_version]_[your_target_architecture].tar.gz`. For example, the x386 release for version 0.24.4 looks like `step_linux_0.24.4_386.tar.gz`.

Once you download the appropriate binary for your architecture, verify the contents, unzip/unarchive (i.e., tar -zxvf) the file, and place the `step` executable in your target system's /usr/bin directory.

For security reasons, we recommend that you verify your download. Refer to the top section of the latest releases page under Signatures and Checksums for how to do so.