Funding Announcement!!!

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Smallstep announcement - We are FUNDED!

We are funded!

We make securing your infrastructure easy – and our investors agree! Between both our seed and series A rounds of funding, we have $26M to continue to bring you the best way to own Production Identity with certificates.

Mike Malone, Smallstep CEO and Founder

"Today, I’d like to officially announce that Smallstep has raised $26 million in seed and Series A funding.


Now, on to the important stuff: how we got here, and where we’re headed."

Read the history and see the vision from Smallstep CEO, Mike Malone

"When we met founder Mike Malone in 2016, it was clear he was on a mission and we knew we wanted to partner with him immediately."

Hear more of the investing story with Eliot Durbin, boldstart ventures

Enrique Salem, Bain Capital Ventures

"Certificate management is a hugely time-consuming and expensive task for companies today, but Smallstep solves this problem with automation."

Dive into Smallstep's place in the market with Enrique Salem, Bain Capital Ventures

"There’s plenty of hard work to be done. But we know that the computer science and product work, and that the market wants it."

Read more from Kent Goldman, Upside Partnerships

Check out what TechCrunch had to say...

Mike Malone also sat down with Ron Miller from TechCrunch to talk about Smallstep and the problems we are solving in Production Identity and distributed systems. Read more here

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