Smallstep SSH + arm64 is LIVE!

Smallstep SSH + arm64 is LIVE!

We have had a lot of requests for arm64 support - and it's here! Check out the quickstart guide on how to use smallstep SSH Host with arm64.

What did it take to get here?

From the desk of Carl Tashian, Developer Advocate at smallstep:


We spent quite a bit of time perfecting our build and release system and install scripts to fully support arm64 — including a new arm64 RPM. The biggest challenge here was that GitHub Actions, which we use for the releases, does not yet offer any arm64 hardware for running actions. So, the release process now has to spin up a special arm64 virtual machine, which requires a bit more work to setup!


As part of this, we also streamlined how the host install script works – it will always download the latest version of our tools, making the host install for each of our hosts even easier.


Shout out to Max Furman, Software Engineer at smallstep, for all of your hard work to bring arm64 support to our community.

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