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migration from Badger to MySQL or Postgresql


do you have instructions on how to migrate from Badger to MySQL or Postgresql ?

Any feedback on using the DB services  in the cloud provided by Azure ? 

You can manually migrate the data, but you have to do it programmatically. Unless you're using long-life certificates you might not notice any impact If you start from scratch with a new database. Take into account that our current MySQL support is very similar to the badger implementation and everything is a key/value store.

In our managed offer we have a real SQL integration for the database that will go to the open-source version, but I'm not sure when. This SQL version will be easier to query, create analytics from, and of course migrate.

Unfortunately, I've never used Azure as a cloud provider, so I personally can't offer any feedback about those services.

Hi all,
sorry for replying to this old thread but I cannot find any information about to start from scratch with a new (mysql) database.
I am following the tutorial for creating a ca in homelab (
When executing Part3 "Configuring your CA" using something like  

step ca init --name="Tiny CA" \
    --dns="tinyca.internal," --address=":443" \
    --provisioner="" \
    --deployment-type standalone \

 I find this creates the /etc/step-ca/config/ca.json and also the badger database in /etc/step-ca/db/..

The badger file seems to create information about the provisioner etc. at this point.

Is it safe and/or recommended to change the db settings in the ca.json afterwards to point it to a mysql database? I will at least lose the information about the provisioner, correct?

Or what is the recommended way to start with mysql from scratch?

Thank you for any advice,

Hi, Christian. I'm going to create a support ticket for your question. Here's the tracking number #986.

I'll reply from the ticket to your email address on file. Feel free to reply to your emails and it will post to the official ticket.

Thanks and talk soon!

Andy Mast

Support Engineer

Smallstep Labs, Inc.

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