Both Certificate Manager and SSH Professional use "teams" as organizational units. Within a team, one can access their authority and issue certificates - two different teams cannot share access to the same authority.

To Sign Up

Go to Smallstep’s sign-up page to begin setup. This process may completed at any time to begin configuring a new team.

Under Create Your Team, fill in the desired name for your team and select which product you would like to use. Your team’s URL will auto-fill, using the team name you have selected. We recommend leaving this value as the default, but you may change this if desired.

Select TRY FOR FREE to continue to the next setup page. Here, fill in the required values to configure your team’s admin user. This user will have full access to the team’s dashboard and have all permissions by default.

Select FINISH SIGNUP to continue to your team’s dashboard and begin setup of the service you’d selected (Certificate Manager or SSH Professional).