With a team in Certificate Manager, a user can create and manage as many Certificate Authorities (CAs) as desired from the dashboard. For more information on Authorities, see our Smallstep Platform Documentation.

How to create a new Authority using smallstep

Use this step-by-step guide to create your Authority

Step 1: Login and navigate to the Authorities page

  • Once logged into Certificate Manager, navigate to the AUTHORITIES page at the top-left of your screen. Once there, select the + ADD AN AUTHORITY button.

Step 2: Customize Authority and click create

  • On the next page, fill in the desired values for your Authority’s name and subdomain. Finally, click CREATE button to continue to your new Authority.

Step 3: Bootstrap to the new Authority and begin using certificates

  • Information about your new certificate authority, directions on how to start issuing certificates, and some quick commands you may wish to run will be displayed. Examples of how to use Certificate Manager certificates with external services like Redis, Nginx, and Kubernetes are also available.

    Bootstrap to the new Authority and begin using certificates.