There are 3 components to Billing: 

1. Metering for Deployed Certs

Certificate Manager billing is metered on Endpoint-months. Billing starts when a certificate is issued for a new Endpoint, and billing ends when an Endpoint’s last certificate expires or is revoked.

Billing per-certificate would penalize deployments that use short-lived certificates and automated renewal. Endpoint billing is designed to encourage this best practice.

Two Endpoint examples:

  1. A single device with one 30-day certificate would be billed at the same rate as,
  2. A single device with 60 one-day certificates renewed every 12-hours.

Endpoint grouping is automatic and intuitive for most use cases:

  • For provisioners with renewal enabled:Certificates issued using step ca certificate (or any other method that uses the /sign API) create a new EndpointCertificates issued using step ca renew (or any other method thatSS uses the /renew API) are associated with the existing Endpoint of the certificate that’s being renewed
  • For provisioners with renewal disabled, common with ACME and OIDC, certificates with identical subjects (common name and SANs), ignoring order and capitalization, belong to the same Endpoint

For billing purposes, there is a limit of three active certificates per Endpoint. Each active certificate above three is billed as an additional Endpoint. To avoid being charged for multiple Endpoints you can revoke unused certificates after they’ve been renewed.

If automatic Endpoint grouping does not work for your use case, you can also specify an Endpoint ID when you request a certificate (coming soon).

2. What type of Authority you need

Dev Ops - This is standard use. First is free, each subsequent is $49 per month flat fee

Advanced Authority if you need any of the items listed below are $499 per month per authority flat fee

  1. active revocation
  2. integration of existing PKI
  3. per subdomain access control
  4. Enterprise Private ACME server

3. What type Admin access and support you need

  1. Free - 1 admin, get help on Discord Channel
  2. Team - 3 admins, get help via support = $249/month
  3. Enterprise - unlimited admins, get help via support, slack channel for service discussions = $999/month

For a full list of options check out our pricing calculator.