To diagnose and fix problems smallstep requires detailed information to reproduce the error and ultimately resolve the issue.

Providing specific, detailed information when creating the ticket will reduce back-and-forth requests for information and reduce the overall time it takes us to get to an answer. 

  1. What product are you using? 
  2. Describe the end state. What do you need to happen? How do you think it should be working? What were you expecting?
  3. Supply any available screen captures, logs, etc
  4. Relevant OS/platform specifics
  5. List any actions that you’ve already attempted to fix the issue
  6. Is there a time factor involved? Are we working to a deadline?

We try to handle all tickets faster than our stated SLA but the following things might cause a longer response time for your ticket:

  • There is a larger than normal queue
  • There are critical tickets in process, taking away team attention/time
  • The issue is complicated and requires coordinating internal conversations to determine next steps.

We encourage you to let the team know what you need in terms of communication.  We are hard at work to support our customers but there are human behind the tickets and humans are fallible. 

Let us know if you need more information, need to escalate a ticket or increase the priority. Just add your comments to the ticket.