smallstep webhooks are a very versatile way to receive notifications on a variety of services. However, 

these webhooks may need some transformation in order to be processed properly. In this guide we will use Zapier to transform our smallstep webhook and send messages to our team in Slack and Discord.

Setup and Configuration

First, select an integration from the list below. 


Creating the Webhook

  1.  Click on the `Try this Zap` button and login to your Zapier account.
  2. You should now see the Zapier steps with yellow exclamation points on the side. Click on the exclamation point next to "Catch Hook in Webhooks by Zapier" and you'll be shown your webhook URL. Save this URL for the smallstep configuration!

Configuring smallstep

  1. Log into your smallstep account. Click on "Settings" in the menu on the bottom left, then click on "Webhooks".
  2. On the following screen click on "Create Webhook" to set up your new notifications. Paste the Zapier webhook URL into the URL field and click Save. 
  3. That's it for the smallstep configuration! Now anytime a webhook is sent, Zapier will be notified and could forward it to your service(s).
  4. For now, create a new certificate. This will send a webhook to Zapier which we can configure in the last step.

Configuring your notifications

  1. Now let's go back to Zapier and and check out the webhook received. You should now see a result in your Zapier page. Click on "Continue."
  2. You should be taken to the next step where you can authorize your Slack instance (click on the exclamation point next to "Send Channel Message in Slack" if it doesn't do it automatically). Sign into your Slack instance.
  3. After authorizing Zapier to post to your Slack workspace, you will be taken to the configuration step. You need to input which "Channel" you want to receive your notifications.
  4. We have our suggested message in the "Message Text" box. You can configure this for whatever works best for your workflows. Click on "Continue" when this is completed.
  5. On the final step click on "Test & continue." You should now see your message appear in your Slack channel. 
  6. Finally click on "Publish Zap," and now any new smallstep notifications will be automatically posted to your Slack channel!

You can find out which events send webhooks here: What events send alerts when I use webhooks?

If there are any other integrations you would like smallstep to support, please let us know!