Run Anywhere is Smallstep’s on-premise solution for SSH Professional and Certificate Manager

Effectively, it is a copy of our hosted SaaS software that can be deployed in any customer-managed data center or cloud hosting provider. This solution allows customers to manage their infrastructure and meet compliance while still being able to use Smallstep’s tech stack to issue and manage certificates.

At its core, Run Anywhere requires a Kubernetes cluster for compute resources, and it plugs into a PostgreSQL database, Redis instance, load balancing solution, and either a KMS or HSM. If you would like to deploy Run Anywhere into an AWS or GCP environment, we have Terraform modules available for use or reference. Other solutions may use our infrastructure for VMs.

For step-by-step instructions on how to deploy Run Anywhere in your environment, follow these guides in accordance with your environment type.

1. Deploy and Configure Underlying Infrastructure:

2. Install and Configure Run Anywhere

3. Identity Provider Configuration

other IdP documentation in progress

4. Manage and Customize Your Authority