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The following steps operate under the assumption that you have already bootstrapped your client device to your new certificate authority and have already been granted “admin” level access rights (manually during installation or via someone else following the instructions below).

Adding Admins

If you want to confirm the current list of admins on your authority before adding new users, you can use the step beta commands. If desired, there are additional flags you can pass to the command listed below that can be found in the command reference.

step beta ca admin list

To add a new basic admin to a provisioner, you can run the below command, substituting in the user’s email and the name of the provisioner. If desired, additional flags can be found in the command reference.

step beta ca admin add <subject> <provisioner>

Admin permissions can subsequently be updated or removed using the commands specified in the command reference.

Creating Provisioners

To review the configuration for all existing provisioners on your certificate authority, you can run:

step ca provisioner list

Alternatively, you can just check the existing configuration for a given provisioner by using the following command with optional flags:

step beta ca provisioner get <provisioner-name>

From there, you can add a new provisioner to your authority by using the corresponding step beta command. There are 9 different provisioner types that can be fine-tuned to any use-case. All provisioners accept values that define stipulations on certificate lifetimes, templates to be used, and admins on the provisioner. However, there are custom flags to be passed depending on the provisioner type that corresponds with the caveats of each. Please read through the command reference to see all options you can use when setting up a new provisioner. 

If you just want to stand up a basic, password-based provisioner with default values to get moving, run the following command, substituting in the desired name of the provisioner:

step beta ca provisioner add <provisioner-name> --type JWK --create
For more information on each provisioner type and recommended configurations, please see our open source documentation on How to Configure Provisioners.
This guide was written for step-ca, so it instructs you to use the step ca commands instead of the step beta commands. Instead, use the step beta commands listed in the guide above.